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Sedona Soul Reader                                              Joan
I was born in a small village in Germany, Neubrucke. Besides spending a year on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada. I have lived in the United States for most of my life on both the East and West Coasts, and for the past twenty years I have been residing in Sedona Arizona, where I happily remain.

My life has been about acquiring wisdom and compassion. This quest has led me on a journey of adventure beyond my formal high school and college education, which failed to give me the answers to the existential questions that began intriguing me at a very young age as an awakened soul.


My inborn desire to help other people with empathy and compassion led me professionally into the field of medical care, which included medical assistant, medical secretary, working in hospitals and doctor’s offices, and private homes as a healthcare provider for hospice.  I also spent five years in crisis intervention as a youth counsellor for high-risk gang members and emotionally disturbed adolescents.


While I was deepening my fundamental quest and thirst for metaphysical and mystical knowledge, I was given the opportunity to complete my academic studies at the Ernest Holmes College Institute of Religious Science and the Manly P. Hall Philosophical Research Society (Los Angeles). Focusing on the teachings of masters like Alice Bailey, H.P Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, Rudolf Steiner, C.G. Jung, and my inner world was expanding to serve humanity.


It was at the age of 22 I met a Native American Sioux Elder by the name of Sallie Coleman.  We knew instantly that we were sisters from the Star Nation. It was so beautiful for her to take me under her wing and introduce me to Sun Bear, a wonderful medicine man, as well as Eddie, a Native American Elder and a walk-in from a different planetary system. This was a new world for me, full of the kind of surprises that academic studies never prepared me for! Sally took me to private meetings of a women’s society in San Bernardino, CA. where all the women were elders. These were very special women, full of soul knowledge! I was stepping into the amazing world of ancient wisdom held by wise Grandmothers. I was transported into a realm of ecstasy and bliss-- I felt like I had touched Heaven for the first time in my life. It was the wisdom of Grandmothers that followed a long tradition of ancient teachings that allowed me to awaken to the aliveness and the intensity of my own soul. They taught me a wisdom that had begun to grow in me since I was a child.


I remember that at the age of four I had a phenomenal experience that has marked my whole life: my family visited Wyoming and we stopped to watch a tribe of elders, many from the late 1800’s doing an eagle dance dressed in full regalia. I was able to stand there and dance with my white hair at the same rhythm and time. Most of the elders with their stern faces would make a deep and impacting connection with me that brought me to the place of meeting future Shamans, medicine men and women and people from the Star Nation. I was taught how to enter into the akashic records that contain the history of a soul, and to reveal this hidden knowledge to the person in need of compassionate knowledge about her or his destiny. It was only after many years of work in the field of medical care and counselling that I started to do soul readings professionally.



My work is on different levels; I give authentic intuitive soul readings. I am able to quicken an awakening of the heart to its full potential and remembrance of one’s soul purpose, as well as help one reconnect with ones angelic guidance. In addition, I am also able to clear toxic energy, and facilitate emotional clearing and shadow acceptance.


My purpose for this lifetime is to support people and humanity by teaching them to be soul-aligned or soul-infused, which means to incarnate the soul into the personality. Once this occurs, the person will then have a lifestyle of inner trust and unconditional love.  I will ask the client for permission as a healer, a shaman or mystic to journey into their inner world to explore the centers with my light body. When I receive this permission we go into a soothing meditation of protection; I then allow my trained light body to visit first the head center.  Looking into the brain awareness, I scan the brain for shadows that keep the deep wounds from being healed. I will detect blocks and with the client’s permission remove the debris, which gives an instant sensation of relief. Feeling lighter, receiving abundant clarity and empowering the person to go ahead in her and his life.


I call myself a mystic soul reader, because my observation goes directly to the realm of what the soul is made of as a result of former lives, and as it unfolds now on the journey of this present lifetime. My experience as a soul reader made me understand that every person has the potential to break through to the deep understanding of their life purpose. This enlightening awakening is a blissful birthing into the excruciatingly long-sought-for knowledge of        “Who am I?”


It is my deep joy to do this healing work on the planet at a moment of global change. Over the years I have assisted hundreds of people being transformed, and have been honored to be a part of lifting spirits into a joyful life.  



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