Sedona Soul Reader                                              Joan
I had a very healing session with Joan, she brought forth the spirit
of a man who had done me severe harm and I got to understand
his motivation behind the vicious attack I was subjected to in my 20’s.
We did some forgiveness and release work around this issue
that has had a negative impact on my life for over 30 years.

I felt safe and nurtured by Joan and her guides.
I am grateful to know this beautiful angel that reads messages
from our souls and bring forth new understandings that traditional
approaches to healing such trauma would never be able to do.
I highly recommend that you do a reading with Joan, her kind, loving and nurturing approach makes all the difference.
Thank you Joan for the gift that your are.

SMP, Sedona, AZ

Thank you Joan, for all you have done for me! After only one session, I know a void has been filled that I wasn't even aware was there. You have helped me to expand into my greater self and I feel far less fear able to unconsciously move me from beneath the surface. You’re gentle, nurturing spirit and wonderful abilities for clarity make you such a pleasure to connect with, and I look forward to much great work to come for us in the future! Thank you again for everything.

Lesley - Canada

My sacred time with Joan was very validating. I knew that I was gifted with a connection to Divine knowledge and it was so reaffirming to hear someone like Joan, with a high dedication to her work, validate this. Joan was able to receive valuable information for me even prior to my arrival which was so helpful in identifying myself as a healer.
She also knew of a physical issue I have struggled with for quite a few years, and fortunately, had a solution to address this problem. I trusted her and immediately went about pursuing the necessary course of action to optimize my health.
Joan is centered and grounded in presenting her information. She is also willing to tap into her source for additional information while you are present highly recommend Joan for Intuitive Guidance for your Soul.-

Patricia - Carmel, NY

Joan I didn't know what to expect so I didn't place any expectations placed on my reading.  I was going to let happen what is supposed to happen.  Normally in any kind of reading I get nervous and scared as one never knows what is going to be said but not with Joan - I was EXTREMELY excited!  I was going to be completely open to everything that was going to be revealed.  The moment I met Joan I just felt comfortable and calm.  What was revealed was ASTONISHING and OUTSTANDING!  Joan, the information you provided me was just mind blowing!  It's comforting to know what my life's purpose is, who I represent in the world and that my "rebirth" is exactly what I needed - it's not more than I've bargained for and that I'm not way over my head.  When I left I felt so refreshed and relieved as the answers you provided made things soooooo much more clearer.  I no longer felt lost - I felt rejuvenated and on course.  I'm really glad my spirit guides chose you to be part of my journey as you're such a wonderful person with incredible gifts.  I listen to the reading and I'm taken right back to your place, to the things that were said before you recorded my summary.  This is something I will never forget.  I am forever grateful to you for what you, grandmother and grandfather provided me with.  There are no words to describe your gifts as words would not be powerful enough.  For people to really experience your gifts, they have to have a reading with you because describing the experience will not do it justice.  I had such an AWESOME time with you with all the laughter shared :)  If you see my visiting birds, especially the one with the mohawk, please tell them I say thank you and hello for me!

Kim – Toronto, Ontario

I met with Joan as an Intuitive Soul Adviser with a degree of curiosity, trepidation and skepticism.  I had no idea what, if anything, to expect.  I left my meeting refreshed, rejuvenated and lighter both in mind and spirit.  Joan touched on wounded areas in my life that I had carried around for 50 years. She found them, addressed them in a respectful and intuitive manner, and most importantly she removed them.  The best part is that these issues are really gone, with no “sticky residue” left behind.  I have experienced other healing modalities in my life which have given temporary resolution, but I’ve not experienced anything like this.  I enjoyed Joan’s enthusiastic and compassion intuition and would certainly recommend receiving and emotional clearing experience with her. Thank you Joan !    
Wendy - Canada 

I experienced an International Soul Connection I saw Joan for the first time in May 2012 and again this May 2014. I was amazing to listen to the recording of our first session where she projected I would be traveling internationally to serve as I had wished. As of today I have traveled to over 30 countries traveling around the world and have touched over 50,000 lives. Joan's most recent advice for me is to open my heart center and learn to compromise with my partner to continue to grow the relationship into hopefully creating a life partnership. I was able to share the recording with my partner and he was amazed at the clarity of Joan's insights and he as well as I plan to see Joan again on our next visit to Sedona!


Dear Joan, I think about and listen to your recording whenever I feel energetically drained. Your voice brings me to an energetic calm and your words have held true and predicted unfolding of a year’s events. I thank you for your ongoing guidance and the protection you provide during my life's journey.


Hello Joan, thank you so much for the recording!  I have been thinking about our meeting every day since I met you. Your guidance has given me the inspiration and insight I needed to look deeper into my soul and understand what I need to continue my spiritual journey. The closure I received with my Mother has filled my heart and I feel I can truly move forward with my plans to sell my house, knowing I will be taken care of in whatever the future holds for me. Knowing my amazing past life experiences and that I am an Earth Angel guarded by Archangel Michael has given me confidence and strength to fulfill my destiny and to trust that I can follow my heart.  You are a gifted and beautiful spirit, I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and look forward to seeing you again one day!

Linda  - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Joan our session was the perfect ending to my first stay in Sedona, and the perfect beginning to continue my spiritual journey.  You are a gifted, intuitive, loving guide.  I could feel my soul opening up before you, a wonderful connection, and was comforted by your affirmation that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I was uncertain what to expect--minds will be minds, you know, and insist on expectations--but felt immediate trust in your truth and kindness.  Thank you.  I wish words could describe how much our time together meant to me. Blessings and joy, and, of course, lots of butterflies.

Selma - Newport Beach, California

Thank you Joan for your insight and guidance. Joan helped me to see a power situation more clearly and with love and integrity. She confirmed to me my ability to stay in my power and speak my truth without feeling guilty about the effect it may have on the other people involved. I was able to be honest and clear in my communication and let go of any outcome. The rest is up to God and I feel great that I spoke my truth and held my power.

 Robyn - White Rock, BC 

Dear Joan, My session with you was truly illuminating! I had no idea what to expect through this process but you did not disappoint. Your knowledge of spiritual laws, references, and practices is extensive. Quite frankly, you referenced concepts, entities, and artifacts that I'd never heard of and this challenged my conventional (and very earthbound) thinking. I know I asked lots of questions and as you patiently explained and tapped into the universe for more clarity, what struck me the most was that everything you said resonated so deeply with me at a soul level.

This was powerful for me as I could almost feel my soul nodding vigorously in agreement -- LOL! It was as if nothing you said was new to me but more of a confirmation of what I've always known deep down inside.  That in and of itself was major and served as validation of how on target you were.

I was listening to the recording of the session the other night and my heart still leaps at some of the words you spoke. It was such a wonderful validation of my purpose and provided me with such clarity around how I should be living my life.  Thank you, Joan!

Victoria - Maryland

Good morning Joan, We met in November during my last visit to Sedona. Our session together was a wonderful blessing. Thank you so very much.

One of the many things that we discussed was my daughter. She was severely ill.  I was very concerned about her.

Your guidance was that the route to her healing was through Sweden. In December I went to Sweden on business. During that week I met a man from England and eventually his wife through him, who practices a energetic healing technique through intent. She does so in part through a soul link that enables her to visit her client's past lives.

She met my daughter by Skype in late January. One week later she was healed. Jennifer has had no symptoms since and she stopped her medication immediately. Her doctor tested her and has given her a full release. It is an inspiring miracle.

I am writing to let you know that your words to me were fulfilled. Thank you for giving me the awareness to look for a solution during my trip to Sweden. Otherwise, I may have been too focused on my work and missed this blessing.

I am very grateful to have met you. May abundant blessings come to you.

Thank You!

Hi Joan - Meeting with you was one of the most wonderful things I have ever done and I think of myself in such a different way now!  You are a magical person to me and I am going to take what I learned and make my life more magical too.

Lauren – Crystal Lake, IL.

My healing session with Joan was a powerful transformative experience. I feel freed of a past life pattern that has haunted me for many incarnations.

Dennis - Sedona, Arizona

Joan Thank you again for everything. Our session brought such clarity to me. May the peace of mind you brought to my spirit always be in yours, for I can think of no greater gift.

Awaken Sister – New York

Joan It has really been a profound and beautiful shift for me after my soul reading.So many realizations are coming into that light. My husband and I are finding a new agreement possible that is true and supportive of our family.  We have already put our knowledge into use with our children and we see them shining brightly.  I am communing with my guides in a closer way, and feeling such joy in doing so.  
I have shared your name with others, and will continue to do so. One of my dearest friends guides a shamanic yoga journey to Sedona twice a year.  She may be contacting you soon for herself, and also a possible soul reading option for her group participants. Love and gratitude to you and Grandmother,

Beauty - Canada

Where do I start? This woman rocked my world, broke down walls, and relaxed my soul. She knew more about me than I was ever able to admit to myself! I was provided an amazing amount of tools and insights to move forward to recreate the new me or the me that is meant to be. The easiest way to describe my time with this extremely talented kind woman is to say that I arrived in the dark and left in the Light able to view the beauty around me. Thanks Joan and I will be returning for another session and bringing/sending more!

Donna - MB Canada

Sweet Amazing Joan - Such a grand reflection when I think of the gifts you shared with me. Your gifts of voice, spirit and directness.  I am wrapped in gratitude because you extracted from me a darkness that I have carried for too many years. You awakened and cleansed my soul and all of this on New Year's Day. What a perfect beginning as I journey a new path and thank you for making me feel beautiful. With loving regards.

Mallory – Chester, Virginia

I first met Joan 5 years ago when in desperate need of some soul searching.  My brother had taken his life less than a year earlier and I was having a hard time accepting that, as well as relationship issues and a stressful job.  I needed to escape from my life for a while and sort of “start over.”
When I walked in her door she immediately starting telling me things about my family that she had no way of knowing, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.It was such a powerful meeting that I went back again before my trip was over.  We have since talked many more times with phone readings and just shared in the friendship we’ve developed.  She’s helped me and been there for me any time I’ve needed her, which seems often because she understands me in a way that no one else does. I believe Joan is a gift to whomever she comes in contact with.  She’s genuine, professional and one of the most kind and loving people I’ve ever known.  I feel that we are connected spiritually and she is truly part of my soul family. I’m sure I’ll be calling on her much more for guidance.  I would and do recommend her to anyone.

Linda, North Carolina

Dearest Divine Joan, I need to take this moment and share my gratitude to you for the life changing experience you gave me.  Because of your wisdom, guidance and gifts, I am a different person than the one who arrived in Sedona. You took me through some of the most intense moments of my life.  It was fantastic in its insight and I felt so supported, safe and nurtured in your presence that all the experiences were embraced by me with love and acceptance.  The entire experience with you was beautiful in every sense of the word.  It’s truly hard not to use the word "amazing" a thousand times. It was that, but also so much more.  It is beyond words. The experience speaks volumes for itself, and I am listening to it as I continue to allow it to unfold the real me. Thank you a million times for this gift of me.  Much love, blessings and Peace to you, beautiful, divine woman. Such a catalyst is unforgettable! Namaste.

Gail - Chester, Virginia

Beautiful Joan, WOW…… is the only thing to say when you lose the block from my throat charka and gain the insight and voice of who I have been all of this lifetime.  “I AM”.  You are an incredible woman whose gift opens the light for others.  My crown light has never shined so bright and my heart has never felt so free. You helped me regain my purpose and path on this life’s journey.  I am studying the path of Arcturus, The Planet of Angels and my soul and heart are happy to be home and connected. So glad you did not hold back and told it like it was.  For you I will forever be grateful and connected. Thank you for sharing your insight, your compassion and gift with me as I will now share my gift with others. Blessings!

Eileen - Kingston Springs, TN



Dear Joan, The time I spent with you was truly Divine.  As you spoke it was like looking in the mirror of my inner most self.  You described perfectly my inner journey and with such love and acceptance. The time I spent with you was so inspirational. I still laugh when I remember getting "my wings".  Thank you for being the amazing healer that you are.

Denver – Aurora, CO.

Dear Joan, What an honor and delight to have experienced your kind and radiant presence!  In your shining eyes I saw pure love, compassion and joy.  I felt deeply seen, supported and uplifted by your wise and gentle words, which were delivered kindly with truth, playfulness, and sensitivity to where I have been.  At my request, you accurately revealed current impediments to my clear access to spirit and you offered powerful assistance for resolution.  

What a beautiful and precious gift you are to the world, dear Joan.  May we meet again. With love and gratitude,

Jennifer - Corona del mar, California

Joan I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a warm heartfelt reading. Within the first 5 minutes of our session, I could feel your love and sincerity. I was also in awe of your amazing gifts. You were very well prepared, professional and provided the insight I really needed. I walked away feeling that I had just experienced the most amazing novel and it gave me a greater understanding and appreciation for this amazing creation. It really is so magical and beautiful when you can get a glimpse into the bigger picture of the soul. I am looking forward to connecting with you again as I see you as mature, wise soul that I can learn so much from. Much love!

Kimberly – Chicago

I went to see Joan at a time when I was truly exhausted, very sensitive like a raw nerve. This is something that had been going on for most of my life. This has been a battle within. Joan helped me to go through a death. Part of me I had to let go of so I could live happily in the here and now, enjoy the fruits of my labors. I am grateful!
Uma – Arizona

Joan, I appreciated your insights into my life.  They taught me a great deal about my past lives.
Having you explain why I heard my name called (when there was no one around to call my name) during the drive to one of my sessions gave me the sense of having a more spiritual connection and clearly showed your expertise as a Mystic Soul Reader.

I also want to thank you for helping me understand and remove some of my subconscious blocks which, when added to the entire Soul Adventure, created a recognition that I needed to start opening and listening to my heart to find the answers I need to create a happy life for myself.
Dennis - Ohio

Joan Kidd is a gifted spiritual soul adviser. From the moment we met, I was impressed with her warmth and clarity. What I really appreciated was the multi-dimensional aspect of her work. I truly believe the entire cosmos can influence our lives on Earth, and Joan's messages and healing reflected that belief, from my heart to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, nothing was out of bounds. Such work had the side effect of strengthening my own spiritual beliefs! Joan does not hold back, and I'm glad she doesn't, her guides had powerful messages for me, and from that day forward my entire life has changed. I am aligned with my soul mission and purpose on Earth, and may never have gotten there without the soul work I did with Joan. She truly knows how to awaken your heart and soul, and I will always have a special place in my heart for her and the work we have done together. After you see Joan, your life will be forever changed, so get ready!"

Matthew - Aptos, CA

I've gone through some major changes this year both personally and professionally. My children have always been a source of comfort and inspiration, but lately they've been even more insightful as well as curious about our purposes on earth and how our paths are intertwined. I only had the courage to meet with Joan because of a dear friend who has worked with her over the years. I've probably been nagging at her too many times ;) and she told me that Joan would help me understand what to do. She was absolutely right! I look at my kids tonight with such a different perspective, and if possible, even more love and awe. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and letting me see my path forward, but more importantly to know the beauty, grace, and strength of my children as well! Our lives are much richer for talking with you.

Linda – New York

I am an engineer with 2 feet very firmly in the physical world. I met with Joan at the urging of my wife who had a phenomenal meeting with Joan. I was initially skeptical but agreed to meet with her. I have to say that from the moment that I met her I felt that she had an amazing quality. I don't profess to understand how she gets her insight but in one short hour she was able to give me information and advice on me as a person; my position and purpose in this world, and how to improve my relationship with my wife. I left feeling more at ease with myself, and focused on improving my life.

David – New Jersey

Joan's compassionate approach, deep and ancestral understanding of the spirit world touched me profoundly. It`s been a fantastic and wonderful experience, filled with unexpected revelations.
I am still deciphering her message and enjoying an inner peace I`ve never experienced. I`m grateful for Joan changing my state of mind and helping me become aware.

Dennis, NC USA

Joan has tremendous insight and remarkable force to guide and heal deeply. She is pure compassion and powerful joy. Words are not enough to describe the experience, one has to go through it and trust Joan all along.

Joann, NC USA

Joan you should know that you are always there in my thoughts as you have helped me in so many ways, to name one, would be to reconnect with my soul guides. Thank you so much for your time. Joan it’s hard for me to express in words how you have helped me in reconnecting with my higher self, I guess we both know the feeling on our soul level (KISSES) Know that I feel so much closer to my higher self and my soul guides only because you made it possible for me and I call them whenever I need guidance to be able to serve the purpose of my being. I am so happy to be a part of fulfilling your own purpose to help the souls on Mother Earth and wish you all the very best in the continuation. Again, thanking you would just be an understatement but am sure you can feel on our soul level how much I adore and respect you and feel lucky to reconnect with you in this journey.

Kanupriya – Dubai - India

Joan helped me answer questions I've been trying to figure out for years! Talking to her felt like coming home and she's so fun toO! I felt supported and understood and I shall take the knowledge with me and the bellezza of your presence with me wherever I go! Thanx so much Joan! Much Love from Renee your happy little gypsy*

Renee – Italy - USA - Argentina

Thank you so much for your reading...I have never felt as much clear guidance from another human being on earth as I did with you! Things that have been known to me and only me, flow out of you with such ease, pointing me into a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship to the cosmos. You go direct and get to the point, gently holding my hand as I feel my way through other dimensions. I feel much more secure in following the path that I have been working towards for many years now. I felt activated by many of the things you said, helping me re-remember parts of myself that are floating in the ether's in my dream space. My higher self feels much closer and accessible now. I feel more confident in trusting my own guidance as I walk along the path towards embodying my earth mission!!!

Ryan- Portland, Oregon

"Joan Kidd is a person who lives her truth and is also very connected to Spirit. She is forthright and gets down to the heart of the matter. A powerful practitioner, she leads her clients into self-discovery and understanding. While she is supportive, she also demands that her clients do their part in their journey toward higher spiritual development. Go see her. What she will tell you will help you move forward."

I.R. - Toronto

Thank you so much Joan!  I feel so incredibly grateful to you as your reading was so powerful... I felt a wave of emotion come through me and a giant cloud lifted, leaving clarity and excitement for what's to come!  It is such a blessing!  Thank you, thank you thank you!!  

Jocelyn - Sedona

"Joan is always someone I know will tell me what I need to hear without "sugar coating" the truth--she tells it like she sees it, but always gives you a choice on how you want to receive your medicine!  This is also precisely why I like her readings.  

Her honesty, her integrity in everything she does, her in-depth knowledge and connection to the various Ascended Masters and Guides, multi-dimensional realms and hierarchies and Spirit is always accurate and "spot on."  She can go straight to the heart of the issue and explain it in a most understanding way.  I am a Healer myself, but when I need healing and/or answers, I go see Joan.  That is best compliment I can give Joan.   
Sabrina - Tulsa, OK (and also formerly from Sedona, AZ)"

The warmth, credibility, skills, Truth, and heart of Joan made my Soul Reading truly amazing! It will impact my path going forward, and give me the inspiration to be the TRUE me. I am so deeply grateful for her! Thank you, Joan, for the sweet honor of experiencing your powerful gifts!

Penny - Sedona

My sweat Joan! I had the most amazing experience with you. Everything you said it rang so true and it made so much sense. I just hope that I will be able to go to that next level whatever that may be. I am so grateful you came into my awareness and that I have now somebody to turn to for help and guidance if I am stuck.

Thank you. You are beautiful inside and out and with your special gift you are able to help so many people. Thank you for having the courage to take on this job. You are great!


Eniko – Nova Scotia

“During my soul reading with Joan, she identified several aspects of my life that were blocked.  I felt stuck in some ways but couldn't put my finger on it.  She identified the root causes and cleared them so my energy can flow freely. I am now living fully in the present moment.  Joan helped me develop an action plan to sustain elevation back in my day to day life.  I am very grateful for my time with her."

Michael - NYC

I went to Arizona with an open mind but still a skeptic.  So when I had my session with Joan I didn’t have high expectations that a soul reader even existed.  Let me tell you…Joan has a God given gift and I am SO Blessed she is sharing it with all.  WOW!!! This woman is AMAZING.  She confirmed what I already knew but needed her to remind me.  I was constantly saying “EXACTLY!!!” through the whole session which probably got annoying LOL  My session was so special I scheduled an appointment for my daughter. Joan doesn’t need to be in the same room to use her gifts.  Based on my daughters high recommendation Skype/phone work great too.   THANK YOU Joan for such a life changing experience- YOU ROCK!!!

Susan – Dayton, OH

Hi Joan :) - It was so Amazing speaking with you again earlier this week - the 2 readings I have had with you - 1st in person and then over the phone, have been the best, most insightful, accurate readings I have ever received in my life (and I have received quite a few) :)!  You brought so much clarity, love, truth, hope and peace to my soul.  I truly felt like I was back in Sedona and my heart was filled with so much love, bliss and peace - thank you for your love, your honesty - for giving me the wisdom and insight to get back to my truth. You are an Angel and I am so Blessed to know you - you changed my life and I will always be grateful.  I would recommend you to everyone who is open to the truth and open to love.  
Thank you for being the light that guides me and so many, thank you for being the love that gently helps us get back to our truth and thank you for the wisdom and insight you give us, that we may make the best decisions for ourselves from a soul level.  You are such a gift, such a Blessing and I thank you for providing so much healing to me. I will keep in touch on a monthly basis to check in because I truly appreciate your insight and wisdom and really take to heart your guidance.

With Utmost Love & Gratitude,
Diana Katy, Texas

"I did not have the pleasure of meeting Joan in person, but Skype was a wonderful way to connect us from either sides of the country. Even through a webcam, I felt her presence in the room, felt as if she knew exactly where I was in my Life, and was relieved as she guided me through my own hesitations and reservations that I have built for years. The compassion, love, and "good vibes" that Joan displayed were far beyond that of the physical realm. For months, I felt as if I was battling a wall of negativity, pushing against me and everything that I did, and very much following the philosophy of "One step forward, two steps back". Because of Joan, I know it within my heart, mind, and Spirit that I am back on the right track. There is much work to be done on my part, but the evolution I feel within myself is far greater than any word can describe. Without connecting with Joan, I am not sure if I could have ever allowed myself to move past this negativity and release it from my Life. She acknowledged key factors attributing to the cause of it, and took me by the hand to lead me to the Light at the end of this tunnel. With it now behind me, I have so much to look forward to, and cannot wait for the coming months of internal transformation and progression. She explained Ego, and taught me to release it and to deny it any hold within my Life. No longer am I concerned about the past negativity, the worrying and regret. These are false concepts that have distracted me from my true path for too long. Thank you Joan, for the "spiritual intervention", for the lessons learned, for the many levels of releases, for everything. I hope to meet you one day!"

Melissa - Miamisburg, Ohio

Joan's sharp ability to hear and communicate the messages meant just for me really put me at ease. The info was extremely validating, expansive, and practical. As a professional reader myself, and having received myself upwards of 100 readings, I would say that this reading from Joan was in the top three! She is stellar!

Sally – Sedona, AZ

My family and I recently made a trip out to beautiful Sedona Arizona I had read several articles about the energy and the spiritual attraction for many people who visit and live in the enchanting and mystical area. I had come to a point in my life where I needed help to get past a terrible negative feeling and anger that has been troubling me for many many years. I felt that Sedona was calling me telling me I may find some answers to my problems that had begun to overwhelm me. By chance or what I thought was chance the house we rented for our five night stay was just a few minutes from Joan Kidd, my wife noticed a sign at Joan's house that read soul reader. She called Joan and spoke with her and set up an appointment for me, this was all new to me I had never visited any one like that. I knew I needed help so I happily although a bit nervous went to see Joan, the time I spent with Joan has been an immediate life changing event for me. My mind, heart and soul has never felt more clear and this was just four days ago. I feel Joan has guided me on a path that I could never have achieved without her, she is truly a gift and I will always be grateful as well as my family that I had the opportunity and privilege to meet and speak with Joan. I thank you Joan for all you have done and are still doing for me.
George,   Gulf Shores, Al

Joan I am so very Blessed to have met you and to have had such a deep, transforming and breakthrough session with you.  I will be forever grateful. I appreciate you more than you know. You are truly an Angel and it was a real honor for me. I just listened to the recording with my brother and we are both so grateful for you. You are an Angel and you helped answer so many unanswered questions about my past, my Parents, my current relationship with my husband, my new spark :), and the future.  You were so on point and I am so very grateful for you - you really created a shift in me that gave me peace, opened my heart to love, truth and forgiveness.  You changed my life and I will always be grateful.  Wishing you the very best today and always!

Diana – Katie, TX

I too would like to say how great it was to have met you.
I was sooo looking forward to meeting you, and I wasn't disappointed.
When getting there, I didn't know what to expect but when I left, I somehow
just knew that I had come to see the right person because I left with a sense of peace
and calm that I had never felt before and I no longer had the feeling that I needed to
continue searching for someone else to see.  I was fulfilled and was ready to go home to Toronto.
My session gave me so much clarity as to why things were going on in my life and what I had to look forward too.
I know so much more will continue to evolve from this and I look forward to a future
of self-love, contentment and joy in my life.
Thank you Joan for your compassion during my session.
And I look forward to contacting you in the near future for more insight and
guidance and to get confirmation on how much I have progressed with nurturing myself love and in healing.
Thank you again.

Lesha – Toronto, Canada

I had asked myself what exactly did I need? I was unable to answer that as I drove through the healing energy that permeates the hills that surround Joan's home on my way to my first, ever, Soul Reading.
   When I arrived, Joan was sitting in her swing, and as I left my car, and really without consciously realizing it, I felt energetically safe, calm, and relieved to be in a space that "knew" and supported me. What followed was a gentle, yet purposeful, guided healing walk through my Chakra energies.
   Joan's reverence for, and love of, those who guide and teach her is a palpable energy, the presence of which also worked to instruct and heal me while she was actively engaged with reading, clearing, and interpreting my energy centers.
   I listened, I learned, I felt supported, validated and challenged. All of this came together as an energy to, not only heal but, strengthen my desire and determination to continue journeying inward and upward to Divine Oneness.
    I didn't know what I needed before I got there, and yet I came away having been given exactly what Spirit knew I needed and I felt blessed and grateful.
   Because Joan sent me a recording of my session, I can listen to it when needed and it helps greatly to redirect my intentions and maintain that sense that I am "journeying well" as I continue to strengthen in Love, Peace, Wisdom......becoming whole, becoming One.

Susan Birks - New Egypt, NJ

JoanThank you for that wonderful session. I was astonished by how accurate the reading was as well as the pre-session written notes about myself. I truly felt guided throughout the entire session and it exceeded my expectations on every level. Thank you for your wise advice and kind support on my journey.

Marie-Eve - Calgary, Canada

Dear Joan,
I saw you at a critical juncture in my life. I had come to you hurt, upset, feeling lost and looking for answers. I was immediately comforted by your gentle presence, by your reading and by your counsel, and by the patience and compassion with which they were delivered. You were able to get to the root of my problem quickly, and to reinforce what I already knew in my heart, but did not want to accept. I had traveled to Sedona looking for help, and that I found when I met with you. I had been trying to resurrect a relationship that had really ended years ago, a relationship that was no longer serving me and had become increasingly toxic. I knew this but did not want to face it. I did not want to give up. Seeing you was well worth the trip. Now I listen to the recording of our session when I need to reinforce what came out of it. Sometimes people live in denial, refusing to accept what is right in front of their eyes, hoping against hope that somehow things can be forced into working out. You helped me to let go, open a new chapter in my life and to move on. I will ever be grateful.

Paul - CT

Dear Joan I learned to trust my intuition and establish good boundaries, so that there is good karma with me always. My session with you was the pivotal turning point of the whole week.  From the clearing of the 5 blockages in my head Charka to the end with my spirit guides.  Your intuitive reading of my life was amazing!!  Joan, you are blessed with an awesome gift and I am very grateful for the time we spent together and I want to personally thank you for guiding me.  With Heartfelt Gratitude!

Rachelle – Franklin, TN.

I've had several readings now with Joan and am utterly impressed
I am friends with many "psychics"
but rely on Joan as I trust her above everyone else. 
My last reading was actually to ask about developing
my own abilities.  I've had intuitive readers in the past who at this request became evasive and I felt they changed or withheld part of the message.  It was as if they felt insecure or threatened with possible competition but Joan's attitude was "the more the merrier!”  
Joan was excited for me to further my abilities and happily offered
knowledge that was far beyond what anyone else I've ever talked with was capable of.  Joan accesses truthful knowledge and has the purity in her soul and heart to share her messages in a loving  beneficial way.  I will be a lifelong customer because

Gina – Florida

My session with Joan was so helpful. Her insights and intuition were beyond anything I had experienced before. She was so clear, insightful and loving. I highly recommend Joan. She has an astonishing gift.

Cindy -  Michigan

I had the honor of meeting Joan on a recent trip to Sedona, AZ.   I found myself looking for answers to questions I had about myself and the relationships dear to my heart.  I was on a quest for bettering my life, through changes within. I met many people who offer to guide others on their journeys.  My experience with Joan was amazing.  She reaffirmed the path I have chosen.  She helped me examine my behavior regarding relationships and life situations.  She helped me see the gifts I have in this life!  A truly notable talent of Joan's, is her ability to connect with your higher self.  In the morning prior to my visit with Joan, I had mentioned to my husband a dream I had. During my session with Joan the experience I dreamed about came to fruition.  I heard the same words I had listened to, hours ago in my dream.  Joan really connects with people prior to her appointments.  When I arrived she had several pages of notes that had come to her while preparing for my visit.  I recommend enlisting Joan's help to anyone looking for the deeper answers to life's questions.  She has the ability to reach us both far and distant! 
Polly - Alaska

My time with Joan was uplifting and inspirational. She helped me zero in on my spiritual challenges and her guides and intuition came up with ideas and suggestions for moving forward in ways that I likely would not have found on my own. In all it was a very healing experience on many levels. Joan is a gift I will happily share with clients, friends and family as they come to Sedona.

Rick – Sedona AZ.

I love Joan's straight forward approach in giving me my messages. I had a reading done 3 years ago and it was so great to see her again and give her the updates on all that she told me before. Her clarity is amazing and the love and energy with which she gives her messages inspires you, your spirit jumps in excitement as it knows its truth is finally being heard. I would highly recommend Joan and I'm sure will see her again in this life adventure. Thank you Joan!

Samantha - USA


Joan Thank you so much for the uplifting and insightful session. I found it helpful to create understanding and acceptance of conditions my children have and their purposes yet to unfold. That is big!  Also, the encouragement to participate in life with more' lightness of being'. I am sure much more understanding and integration will come to me in the days ahead. This was so helpful. Thank you! Many Blessings to you!

Carol - Calgary, Canada

Joan gave me some exciting information about my future that had me at the edge of my seat. I've always felt what she told me was what I was going to do, but I just never trusted that feeling. After the session, I feel really confident about who am I and what I am meant to do. She validated everything. She gave me answers that was out of this world, literally. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Hugh - Las Vegas, USA-China

O Joan, O Joan, O Joan!! You will never know how grateful I am for being given the honor and benefit of your sight, wisdom and joyfulness. If Sedona was a sundae, you very much were the cherry on top. Thank you! For the first time in my entire life (this time around) I feel truly self-actualized, and I owe so much of it to you. And I also have a friend who I think would benefit greatly from your service.Thank You sister.

Dauna – Woodstock, New York

The further I get from my Soul Reading with Joan, the more the truths in her revelations have been affirmed. Last year, my partner and I had individual consultations with Joan. Both of us were new to the idea of a Soul Reading, and while I would describe my companion as having been extremely open to the experience I, being a bit of a skeptic, had some hesitations. Joan was very welcoming though, and while what she had to say was not always easy for me to hear, she held a safe, nurturing space for the sharing.
That she meditated before we arrived and scripted copious notes on what she received about us, as both individuals and as a couple, moved me greatly. The recordings she sent to us of our sessions have been a tremendously valuable part of our growth the experience, proving especially helpful as we’ve continued to process some of the finer details of the information over time. I know that I can speak for my partner as well when I say that we have only become increasingly empowered by the insights that Joan shared with us.
I have highly recommended to friends and family that they seek her out while in Sedona. One may find that this experience alone is justification enough to travel to that lovely, desert locale!

Kaya - New Orleans, Louisiana

I went to Joan kidd looking to understand any parts of myself that I was not conscious of, she delivered and gave me more then I was looking for, I left with a better understanding of myself, who I am and who I am not, she was genuine, friendly and has a warming presence, it was a blessing to have her help me on my spiritual journey, I am truly grateful for the experience

James - Sedona, AZ

Hi Joan!!! Thank you for the amazing experience I shared with you. I can honestly tell you that I feel at peace with this situation. I feel clear on the direction I need to go with regards to my personal growth. I felt in my heart center open today. My time with you was a life changing/defining moment!! I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Again thank you for sharing your gifts with me!!!

Sherry - Tempe, Arizona

I met Joan 6 years ago, in Sedona. I had just separated from a 20 year marriage and had decided to take myself on a Soul Adventure to try to gain some clarity about pretty much everything. I had a reading with Joan, and as soon as I was in her energy, I felt better. She helped me to see the big picture when I could only see the immediate past and present and the future was too terrifying to even consider. I left after an hour and a half, lighter, understanding exactly what was happening, and with tools to move forward.

Since then, I have called Joan occasionally when I am at crossroads, in transition, or just needing clarity about everything and nothing in particular. I have always received exactly what I have needed. She acknowledges what I am feeling and going through, with compassion and understanding, before showering me with the beautiful reality of what is "really" going on.

Joan is directly connected to Spirit. When I have a reading with her, I know in all of my being, that she is contacting my guides and that they are communicating specifically to me and for me. She is more than an intuitive; she is a Soul Advisor, a Teacher, and a Friend. Her channeling is clean, and clear. She is LIGHT, not to mention the fact that she has an incredible sense of humor and sees the lightness in all we are experiencing. I have learned so much from her, and have yet to leave a reading without some amazing new tool to assist me on my journey.
I am very grateful to have crossed paths with this incredible woman and I would encourage anyone on their spiritual journey to seek her assistance. Love to you, Joan

Lori - Vancouver, BC


Joan is committed to serve her clients with her intuitive gifts. She communicates with your higher self, guides, and spirit helpers to relay a message of truth, compassion, and peace for who you are and what the future holds. In my first reading with Joan, she connected to my beloved partner, who departed the physical world months prior, that expressed his infinite essence bringing tears to my eye. It gave me a chance to connect with him on another level and helped heal my broken heart. What Joan expresses in her readings seems to be exactly what I need to hear in that moment to empower me and give me hope. With Joan's guidance and encouragement, I was able to open my heart again. I have changed my life, living my dreams in line with my true essence and higher purpose. Joan is a beautiful Earth angel serving to raise the global consciousness through her intuitive gifts and dedication to the greater good.

Meghan - Calgary, Canada

 When hearing about Joan from my fiancée, who had seen Joan 4 years earlier, I was very interested in having her read my energy, heal certain blockages and create an open space within my heart, so that the receipt of more love in my life would be possible.  Joan was able to have her Angel Guide meet mine, before I sat down with her, and was able to report on four pages of notes what my life purpose is, where blockages are and who my power was being given to. Since seeing Joan last week, my power has returned to me, I believe my heart has opened in an extraordinary way, and my appreciation for each moment has expanded!  To visit her the next time we visit Sedona is a "given", since her skills are very unusual and "real".  Thank you Joan, for helping me to see myself better, enables me to love myself even more...

Laurie - USA

"Joan helped me tremendously with her soul reading.  I immediately felt a positive shift in my energy.  She has helped me move forward with my life in a way that I couldn't have done without her expertise.  I would recommend a session with Joan to anyone needing spiritual guidance.  My experience was wonderful, and I know that I will consult with Joan again."
Joy –Darien, IL

Dear Joan, I do not know how to thank you. I am glad that a friend told me about you. Your reading was right on target about where I have been stuck in my life and gave me excellent insight and perspective and seeing what was going on in my life.  I am grateful to you and to my friend forever. Thank you for opening new pathways in my life.

Sara, Colorado -USA

I had the most compassionate, loving, healing session with you. The work we did together really helped me to understand, release, and heals areas of my life. I'm very thankful for our time together and I feel the difference in me. You really come from a loving place and make one feel safe to address any issue, and know you only have one's highest and best at heart. I'm very thankful for all you gave me, and I happily encourage anyone who is ready, to also welcome you into their lives. Thank you and blessings to you.

Karen – USA

Joan was great. Her insight into my work situation was 100 percent correct. Her insight regarding my love life made perfect sense. I hope her predictions come true. I think they will. Thank you Joan I will be speaking to you again.

Anchorage - USA

 The most up lifting soul reading I’ve ever had. She's quick and to the point. There's no trying to figure out what she means by what she says. Love her. Thank you Joan

Hampstead – USA

OMG! She was so accurate and dead on about some things that I didn't have to mention. She is definitely the one to call. I will be calling her again thx Joan

Tacoma - USA

Joan and I immediately connected. She is straightforward, fast and kind. She also had a way of seeing things and describing them that was very accurate and clear.

Marie – USA

I had a great reading with Joan.  She was able to hone in on the situation immediately and gave me great advice on how to best approach my situation.

Greg - USA

I had an excellent reading with Joan. I was feeling lost and out of sorts, in need of some type of direction. I just recently came out of a break up and had many unanswered questions. Well Joan help sort things out and help me see a way forward. She also helped me to learn to not just concentrate on now but also work towards the future. Can't wait to get back in contact with her once I've have some new updates. Thanks Joan!!

Sierra - Indianapolis, USA

My soul reading with Joan has enriched my life in so many ways. She immediately was able to read into my heart and soul and tap into areas where my life needed to be enriched. Joan brought awareness to my life and taught me how to be conscious to move the negative energies I was holding onto into more positive places.  There were many parts of the reading that she touched on that were extraordinarily authentic. . Joan gave me the spiritual tools I needed to understand more about my true potential, where I have come from and what to look forward to in the future. Joan did not tell me which path to take, she just gave me the faith that the paths were there and it is with the knowledge and wisdom she provided me with that are now helping me now choose the roads of my future. I have thought about Joan and my reading with her every day since we met and I would highly recommend a reading with her to anyone wanting to understand more about the past lives they have lived, how they connect to the life they live today. Joan was able to read so many things about me and take the information to lead me more in the direction for true self-fulfillment. My reading with Joan was by far the best reading I have ever had and the benefits of our meeting are immeasurable!

Laura - Pound Ridge, New York

Joan tenderly and respectfully brought forth information that only my son Colin would have known.  It was very comforting to hear his words and to learn that he is more than ok.  I really needed this reassurance. I now fully accept the circumstances around his suicide, and have a deep soul understanding of the evolutionary path we all walk. I am filled with LOVE, JOY and expectations of MIRACLES.  Blessings to all

 Eva - USA

Beautiful Morning, Joan Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!! You really confirmed my heart's desire & to truly follow my passion.....I'm forever grateful!  Your sweet, sensible, straightforwardness is refreshing, sincere & greatly appreciated!! Much Love to You!! Blissful Blessings

Shauna - Canada

My session with Joan was my first such Soul Reading and I was very impressed with the level of detail and overall information she provided.  Her reading had a couple of unexpected and intriguing parts for me as well as confirmation that I am on the correct path in my life.  I enjoyed my session with Joan and she makes you feel comfortable right away.  She followed up promptly by sending the recording of my session to me and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an authentic psychic reading. Thank you again Joan and have a wonderful day!

 Tracy - USA

I was totally amazed by Joan! She is the best I’ve ever had! Thank you!!  Great job!

Rawlins - USA

I met with Joan for a Soul reading the day before my 65th birthday. First of all it was Divine intervention that brought me to her. I have been on this journey for a long time. I always think how can this person assist me with a little bit of attitude. HA! Joan was the best and right on target.  I got a copy of my reading and listen almost every day. I never received a Soul reading. Healing is a process and I am a Blessed man to have met Joan, and the reading was great too!  

Rev. Bill – USA

Joan gives you the information you need to make an informed decision. She also offers information as to which decision she sees as the best path for you, while still emphasizing free will.

Logan - USA

Joan your reading changed my life so profoundly!!!! Just in the past few weeks since I have saw you I have moved to a new level of consciousness and connection. My life is truly taking off into its destined direction!! Thank you so much for opening these doors for me. I cannot express to you how grateful I am!! I can't wait to see you again.

Crystal - USA

Thank you so much Joan for your very impressive insight. I felt as though you knew me personally, because your facts were so dead on. Thank you again!

Pink  – USA

Joan was GREAT. We connected right away and altho I didn't have much time she covered all my questions and made me feel 1000% better. I will be back to talk to her again!

Cherokee - USA

I appreciate the help and the insight from Joan. Not only does she see the truth, as painful as it sometimes but also, she truly cared for my well-being and my health. I plan on staying in touch with her because I feel that she is very trustworthy. I plan on recommending her to my friends and family as well. Thank you for confirming what I felt in my heart for many years.
Emily -  Fort Leavenworth,  Kansas

Joan was great! Recommend her to anyone!

Anastasia – New Orleans

Joan has so much clarity! She is very accurate in her readings. She knew qualities of people just from the names I gave her. I was so amazed at how right on she is. She even used some key words that had been said to me before and this is all without any background information. She is very in tune and connected with the spiritual realm.

Denise - Long Beach, California

Thank you Joan for your insights. The reading with you was very helpful, it clarified me things which I wasn't sure about, you picked up situations accurately without much explanations from my side. I felt that you really understand how I feel. Your advices will be implemented. It was also pretty encouraging and assuring. Thank you again.

Vitoria – Brooklyn, New York

Joan was amazing! I feel like she totally and accurately tuned in to me and the people I was asking her about. She gave me lots of good advice and told me of things to look forward to. I felt a connection with her and would love to talk to her again
Justine -  Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Joan understood me and the situation, giving me hope! I highly recommend her and will be calling her back!! THANK YOU and I wish we had longer to talk!!


Joan was amazing and blew me away with how right on she was in my reading. I will call her again!! 


Joan was really great: the clarity, guidance and insight she has given me is invaluable. Thank You Joan, I know what I need to do and a bad investment is just that, high time to make some good ones!

Summer - Newport Beach, California

Joan was right on point with everything I asked her about. She has a true gift! Thank you, Joan!

 Jasmine  - New York

She was super good. I asked her a question about my kids father, and she answered it accurately and honestly. Things she told me were wonderful and have happened in my life. Didn't give me a time frame when things will get better but told me it will take a process because of who he is. I think you are great and gifted. I will call her again. I'm glad we talked, Joan! 

Kim - Winter Park 

Joan gave me an incredible reading that she explained in spiritual terms and helped me understand things quite a bit better. Thanks! Oh! and my soon to be ex husband's behaviors you predicted are already surfacing.


Joan was absolutely wonderful. She connected with my spirit guides immediately and was able to offer invaluable insights about my relationships, and career path. I would highly recommend a reading with Joan, she is incredibly gifted and compassionate. I would love to read with her again in the future!

 Lisa - Australia

Joan was incredibly helpful in giving me reassurance and advice about my relationship that spoke to my growth, which is exactly what I was looking for. I am so excited to apply what I learned!

 Doreen - USA

Joan completely tuned into my life, my challenges and my victories. She knew exactly where I was at and recognized the hard work I have been doing. Joan gave me specific advice on how to get what I want out of life and told me where I was going.

Joylyn - USA

Joan honed in on my life very quickly and picked up on details that no one knew without me giving her any information on it. She provided lots of good guidance with her insight that will greatly help me in the busy days ahead. I feel pretty strongly intuitively that the information she has given me was accurate and will come to pass.

 Daphne  -  SanFrancisco, California

The Soul reading  from Joan was very inspiring and insightful. She confirmed the messages that I've been receiving. I am
really glad I had the reading. Joan is very intuitive and
communication between herself and spiritual guides is very clear. I highly recommend her skills.

Ana -  Houston, Texas

Joan thanks so much for the reading. I've had many throughout my life, but there was something unique about the one I had with you. it was so simple yet so insightful. So pragmatic and cut straight to the root. All the information you gave me opened the doors to another level of acceptance of my current situation so that I could move on from feeling stuck and lost. And the audio recording really helped in allowing it to sink in over the following month.

I am so glad you are here to open those doors for us. Thank you.

Nick  - Sedona, Arizona

Joan, meeting with you really impacted the way I think and I felt as if a weight had been lifted. I sincerely appreciate you sharing your incredible gift with me and using it to help me improve my life. I definitely want to come back for another visit.

Robyn - Anthem, Arizona

Joan, since our visit, I find myself continually reflecting on the time we spent together. From the moment we met, I felt you. It's so refreshing to find people who lead with their hearts and souls. The insight you provided and the affirmation of my soul's desire are priceless. I feel enormous comfort knowing my soul really does have a message. I feel even more comfort knowing you exist and can hold my hand through the process of discovery. The guidance you provided me and my husband has assisted us in further opening our communication and heart connection. Thank you for your warmth, understanding, compassion and honesty. Thank you for being a conduit between that which we know cognitively and that which we know spiritually. Thank you for inviting us into your home and sharing time with us. Thank you for serving as a shining example of what it looks like when someone follows their path, their bliss. We carry that example with us as we venture into our hearts' desires. Thank you. -

Tonya - Hereford, Arizona

 I first met Joan in Sedona in 2007 and was struck by her gift to read my soul-life as she immediately revealed to me what I thought nobody would ever be able to see. And she did this in a most loving and discrete way - which retrospectively I think is what most characterizes her work :
Joan is fully committed in a way that unleashes and enhances the freedom of the person she is reading for. The knowledge that she receives and reveals to her clients is life-provocative, nurturing in a motherly-fatherly way so to say, because she combines female-male elements that I feel are necessary to do such an important work that enters into a person's most individual and intimate destiny.
As I continued asking her for readings and had the chance to meet with her to discuss global and political issues that I was dealing with.
I was amazed by the breath of her knowledge in the mystical and esoterically traditions that she had studied with Manley Hall and other teachers of the School of Philosophy and Religion in Los Angeles.
I have seen many tokens of her links with the indigenous American

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